Watch: BRANDED X Indiegogo 2022 New Product Pitch Competition for Entrepreneurs

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BRANDED is proud to have collaborated with a pioneer in crowdfunding, Indiegogo, for an innovative new product product pitch competition. Born from a mission to support innovation among the entrepreneurial community, BRANDED saw working together as an amazing opportunity to bring its global expertise to rising entrepreneurs wanting to scale and successfully launch e-commerce brands. 


About the competition 

The coming together of BRANDED and Indiegogo for the New Product Pitch Competition follows the initial partnership that blossomed earlier this year. The overarching goal was to identify and promote scalable businesses, giving them access to expert resources that could help them on their crowdfunding and market launch path. 

Last week, finalists got to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts in e-commerce, some of whom scaled their own businesses via crowdfunding or Amazon.

Founder of Heist Labs and panellist Adam Runquist said: “I think a competition like this one – to get external feedback, to put your ideas out into the world and [receive] constructive things to take your brand and business to the next level – is really the key to levelling up in the entrepreneurship game and building up physical products.” 

The winner received a $5000 cash prize along with exclusive consultation time with leaders at Indiegogo and BRANDED to help develop their winning business idea. 

“I think that it’s one of those things that, with a little bit of brand guidance, [the product will] go a long way,” added Elevated Craft founder and judge, Adam Craft. “And so, I’m pumped after seeing all these entrepreneurs do their pitch, and seeing that we did have a winner.”

To round out the judges panel, we also had Sean Busch, Founder of Puracy and Kristen Sager, the CMO of Indiegogo.

After receiving almost 300 applications and conducting a screening round, BRANDED and Indiegogo selected 5 finalists to pitch to our expert panel:

  • PodMkr: A refillable coffee pod maker packed with freshly ground coffee by Daniel Kalliontzis. 
  • nCamp Collapsible Stove: A portable and collapsible fire pit, grill and pizza oven for camping by John Cunningham.
  • PillowPack: A dual-purpose neck pillow for travel that doubles up as an extension for luggage space by Amber Waldeier.
  • Mamilo: A baby bottle brand that aims to personalize your own baby bottle nipple by Yo Yoshida.
  • Next-Step Stool: A lightweight, adjustable step-stool with the option to use either 1 or 2 steps, depending on your needs by Sara Hasan.

What’s next?

Where BRANDED and Indiegogo meet is their shared hunger for innovation and affinity for groundbreaking products that have potential to break through the mainstream. Don’t miss out on getting snippets into our winner Sara’s journey as she brings the Next-Step Stool to market. We’ll be sharing key highlights and learnings from the approach of combining crowdfunding and Amazon launch in a go-to-market plan.