A Deep Dive into BRANDED and How We Can Help You

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Have you been looking for business investment or are you wondering how to sell your already successful ecommerce business? 

It’s been an uncertain few years for many. With the pandemic, labor shortages and supply chain problems, many businesses have been suffering from serious disruptions and extreme uncertainty. As we start to plan for the new year, we’ve noticed many brands are moving forward with plans to sell.

If this sounds like you, read on for a deep dive into who we are at BRANDED, what we do and how we can help you with your business goals.


Founded in 2020, we partner with successful entrepreneurs, to invest and build their brands to create a true win-win.

Since our inception, we’ve amassed a portfolio of over 40 best-selling and profitable brands with over 700,000 reviews on Amazon marketplace, collectively generating nearly $200M in gross revenue. 

So, if you’re looking to sell your brand or need help with growing your  business, we are perfectly placed to provide the resources to take you to the next level across channels and geographies, turning you into a household name.

What Benefits Can BRANDED Offer?

A Global Approach

First off, we’re globally native. So, if you’re looking at growing a business globally, we have the expertise to help you do so.

Unfortunately, 80% of Amazon US sellers have less than 10% of international sales due to language barriers and compliance constraints. So, it’s no wonder that in the eCommerce world, many businesses still believe that selling products on a global scale is too much of a challenge.

We’ve been operating effortlessly in multiple markets since Day 1, with a team spanning 7 time zones and bringing native expertise to easily scale your brand’s international expansion. Through our global presence in New York, Paris, Miami, London, Berlin, and Asia, we can create a preeminent global platform in a growing e-commerce marketplace.

This means helping sellers to stay reactive and up to date with compliance changes (read more on this here), which is essential when it comes to, amongst other things, new product launches. Our experts continually evaluate global markets to understand what changes need to be made to products and the impact this can have. ⁠Check out how we busted some myths on geographical expansion here.

Working with You as One Team

One of the things we pride ourselves in is our partnership mentality. We value you as an entrepreneur and believe that our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. 

Note: 3 out of 4 entrepreneurs continue to partner with us post-acquisition. We love when successful founders that join our platform continue to scale their brands, while tapping into the operational expertise and resources we have here at BRANDED. 

We encourage founders to remain as involved as they want to be, which could mean working on areas of the business you love and helping us retain the best of the brand. Deals are structured to prioritize the continued success of the brand and ensure the highest earnout for the founders. Read more on how we approach deal-making here.

We operate with a  transparent and custom approach during the deal process and we value our reputation for integrity, which has been built one interaction and one transaction at a time. We approach every deal with fairness, maximum benefit to both parties, and a rapid close post-offer. Check out our 6 questions that we you should ask your prospective buyer

Highly Experienced

Lastly, we bring together a crack team of 250+ experienced experts – in technology, marketing, operations, brand management, and more – so we can amplify your brand beyond what you imagined.  We’ve put that expertise to good use, generating billions in revenue and creating new opportunities for promising brands.

BRANDED’s leadership team is composed of e-commerce pioneers and senior executives from Goldman Sachs, SoftBank, Lazada, Alibaba and Amazon, and combine decades of investment, technology, operation and supply chain experience. Leading investors have joined our journey including Target Global, Declaration Partners, Tiger Global, Kreos Capital, Lurra Capital, Regah Ventures, Kima Ventures and Vine Ventures.

They have also previously founded, scaled, and sold some of the world’s most beloved e-commerce brands, generating $12B in marketplace revenues! So, they know what is needed when it comes to selling and growing a business.

What Selling a Business Really Means

Our area of expertise is understanding exactly what is required for selling your brand so that you end up with the best possible offers. This means getting your business into the best possible shape for a sale. Our team of experts will accelerate what you’ve built and take care of everything you need to build a truly winning business.

But what are the steps needed to get to that point?

In the first instance, brands apply to us to receive a customised evaluation. If your business is aligned with our investment criteria, you’ll receive a proprietary and customized evaluation at no cost. We will also supply you with actionable insights you can adopt right now to increase your brand’s valuation, based on our experience in growing some of the world’s most exciting digital brands. Read our guide on how to get your business ready for sale here

After that you just choose from an acquisitions structure that meets your needs. Our variety of deal structures let you decide if you want to continue receiving upside and a share of profits as we build your brand. Our team can close your deal and have proceeds in your account in less than 30 days!

Over the next 100 days, the BRANDED operations tech platform will kick into high gear and execute hundreds of levers. The long-term result: amplified and sustainable omnichannel growth for your brand.

Our global network of experts in operations, marketing, merchandising, and product development, backed by our e-commerce tech platform, will then step up to make the most of your brand.

Upgrading Your Amazon Business 

If you want to sell an Amazon business, for example, we’ll review everything to make sure you are operating at the highest possible level. We’ll look at your pricing to check you have things at the right price point and optimise your listings, as well as remaining constantly on top of Amazon and e-commerce’s latest changes. And we’ll consider how to optimise things like SEO and PPC.

Our Amazon brands have achieved some incredible results over the past year via this process, generating over 150% growth.⁠ The strategies we put in place pushed sales to the max as we saw 1.5 million American shoppers visit BRANDED pages on Amazon. 

Reducing Operation Costs

We’re also here to review where you could make savings to your bottom line. For example, with client Puracy, BRANDED provided resources, expertise, and capital that helped the brand to minimize OpEx, negotiate better costs and rates, and spend more time on more meaningful activities like product dev, brand building, and customer acquisition. 

We helped the Puracy team restructure their manufacturing cost base to increase quality and profit margins while continuing to work with the same partners. More importantly, we did this without sacrificing their values that make them unique––a goal from our very first discussions.  Access to additional budgets and resources made growth and branding initiatives possible that would have been impossible before acquisition.

New Product Launches

If new product launches are needed to get you to the next level, we can help here as well. What business owners sometimes don’t realise is the amount of research that should go into successful product development: the detailed upfront research, data analysis, and the in-depth understanding of the market the product developers have. 

Bringing out something new is arguably the most exciting part of being a founder but it’s also incredibly complex and time intensive, taking around 3-6 months of trials & efforts before you’d even know if it’s a hit (or miss!). This is where we come in with our effective New Product Development strategies, to help make this process easier.

Brand Building

We’re also experts when it comes to brand building – a crucial component of how to sell an online business. We’re passionate about the power of storytelling to unlock a brand’s true potential, targeting 6 product categories with high branding potential and strong consumer loyalty. 

Creating holistic strategies that are unique to you, your brand, and your products should be at the heart of your marketing activity. We look at everything from brand building to storytelling to driving traffic to marketing for conversion.

This might mean, amongst other things, maximising the effectiveness of your social platforms, to make sure they are connecting with your audience, driving traffic to your brand, and converting sales. For instance, check out our tips on how to conquer marketing to your Gen Z audiences. 

In fact, one of our specialties is knowing how to make a brand go viral. Take, OTOTO, the design studio specializing in unique kitchen gadgets and accessories and our partner. Since working with us they have amassed over 10M likes and millions of views and engagements on TikTok, securing their way into the hearts (and kitchen) of countless people! You can read more on social selling here

Find Out More

If you’re interested in finding out more about how BRANDED can help you sell your brand or for help with how to increase business growth, get in touch today to talk about working with us.