A next-generation
consumer platform.

Branded was founded by sellers for sellers. We buy and partner with top performing Amazon businesses transforming them into global brand leaders.

We are one of Amazon’s leading FBA platforms having become a home to some of the most beloved brands online. Our community includes the brightest minds in the FBA Seller Community combined with some of the most successful global E-Commerce operators that have helped scale the world’s largest E-Commerce platform generating tens of billions in revenue. At Branded, we have developed a proprietary approach to quickly provide you with actionable insights on where you stand today and the future potential of your business. Through a combination of data and expert insights, we will highlight the top 5 opportunities for growing your business.

Our goal

Our goal is to acquire proven Amazon brands and grow them by 100x leveraging our global network and expertise in marketing, merchandising, supply chain, and product development.

At Branded, we are redefining the boundaries of consumer products. Join the forefront of the consumer product revolution and take your brand to the next level.

Meet our founding team

Team Pierre Poignant

Pierre Poignant / CEO

Pierre co-founded Lazada in 2012 and ran it over 2018-2020. Lazada is one of the largest E-Commerce marketplace in Asia helping over 1 million sellers come online and building out the largest logistics network in South East Asia. During his leadership, Lazada scaled to over 80 million customers and processed millions of transactions every day. Pierre joined Lazada originally as its COO where he oversaw tens of thousands of employees and contractors, before taking over the reigns as CEO after Alibaba’s acquisition. Prior to Lazada, Pierre spent over 8 years at McKinsey in Singapore and Paris focusing on operations and Digital transformations across multiple sectors.

Team Michael Ronen

Michael Ronen / President

Michael is the former Managing Partner of the $100bn Softbank Vision Fund in Silicon Valley. Over the last 3 years Michael has invested over $5bn into some of the fastest growing consumer and logistics companies such as Flexport, REEF Technology or Cruise. Before Softbank, Michael spent over 20 years at Goldman Sachs becoming the Partner responsible for the operations of Goldman’s Global Technology Investment Banking Group. As an investor and board member, Michael partnered with CEOs to help them scale-up their businesses, raise capital and execute on ambitious targets.

Team Ben Kaminski

Ben Kaminski / Chairman

Ben is Branded’s founding investor and Chairman. He spent over 10 years at Goldman Sachs investing and advising leading consumer internet and technology companies around the world. Since 2018, Ben joined Target Global, one of Europe’s largest VC funds, as a partner where he has led investments into some of the fastest growing companies enabling and creating the infrastructure for logistics, delivery, E-Commerce and transportation.